The Port Susan Home and Garden Show will take place on Saturday March 18th from 10:00-3:00 at the Camano Center on Camano Island, WA.


10:15  Hailey –haileyforwebAnanda Farms – As a natural farm and as a homestead, we are inspired by the spirit of self-reliance and craft culture. We seek to provide both prana-filled food and basic needs for simple living, including our line of natural herbal products, and alpaca-fiber textiles.

11:00 John Carroll – Bank Savers Erosion control basics  for both flatlanders and cliff hangers, simple and cost banksaverseffective approaches for do it yourselfers.Learn how the use of native plant materials can create sustainable habitat and erosion control.

11:45 Missy Anderson – Queen Bee.  Mason bees are native to the PNW and are becoming a male-mason-bee-from-ppgreat support for fruit and beery growers.  Missy Anderson,  a trainer for Master Gardeners of King County will be sharing fun facts about these great pollinators.  She gives presentations throughout out area from Whatcom county to Pierce county and  annually speak to the Master Gardener class at UW.  Mason bees fly in the spring, look very much like house flies, and are extremely gentle because there is no queen bee to protect.  Kids and adults will enjoy learning about how easy it is to host a bee kit in your own yard.  Please join us become part of the solution.

stevesmith12:45 – Steve Smith “The Whistling Gardener” – Sunnyside Nursery What’s new for the 2017 gardening season.  Plants, products and trends to help us all stay ahead of the curve.  Steve Smith has worked in the field of horticulture for the past 50 years and has designed, installed and maintained commercial and residential landscapes for over 15 years.

rain2:00 – Derek Hann – Snohomish Conservation District 

The ins and outs of rainwater harvesting.


2:30 Joan Schrammeck – Fire Mountain Solar   Solar for your Home, Farm, Business or Off-Grid Remote Site.  Solar is the fastest growing source of new energy for America. Rooftop solar works great on residences and businesses where it reduces the electric bill. Solar+batteries provides clean quiet power for off-grid remote settings or as backup power when the grid goes down. We’ll talk about incentives, battery-backup, USDA grants for farms and businesses, and Do-It-Yourself kits.